Holiday Desserts

With Christmas Eve just two days away, I thought I would take a moment to group together some of my favorite holiday dessert recipes, both ones I have tried on the blog, ones others have made for me, and ones I am hoping to try (if my husband is willing to humor me messing up the kitchen all over again--I love you, honey!!). I will include links to each recipe and hope you will forgive the lack of step-by-step directions. Recipes I have yet to try will probably have their own blog entries at a later date.

First, holiday cookies:
Gingerbread men: not going to lie--I go Betty Crocker mix on this one, because let's be honest--the fun is really in the decorating anyway. You still have to make the icing though, so I simply mixed powdered sugar with tablespoons of milk. It comes out just like royal icing, but without the egg that can be dangerous for pregnant guests. I mainly decorated the edges and faces of the gingerbread men and women with icing and Christmas colored M&Ms.

However, I also found a mini-gingerbread man cookie cutter and not only made some bite-sized cookies for my party, but also some cute gingerbread mom cookies for my new and expecting mom friends!

Mint chocolate chip cookies (I've also seen these called Grinch cookies) found here. These are best served warm--when the chocolate and mints are still gooey and delicious. These were a hit at a cookie swap I went to last year and are SO simple to make!

Chocolate crinkles recipe found here. These are my husband's favorite cookie, and they are amazing--their texture and taste is rich and moist, almost like eating a brownie. Added bonus? My husband made them himself this year to help me get all the food ready for our Christmas party. Love that guy.

Miscellaneous dessert recipes from blog:

Peppermint bark

Christmas tree cupcakes

Red wine chocolate cake

Finally, the recipes I have left to attempt are:
Nutella Chocolate Fudge with Dark Chocolate Sea Salt Ganache
Red Velvet Cake Roll
Button Sugar Cookies (not so much a Christmas dessert as a gift for my mom)

Feel free to share any holiday dessert recipes you have tried and loved, and stay tuned for post-Christmas blog updates! Happy holidays and enjoy!

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