Cake Pops: Funfetti Cake Ball Edition

Yay for long weekends! Since I have some extra time, let me continue with my girls night recipes! Since my cake pops were so tasty the first time I made them, I decided to try making them again with a different flavor (and without the sticks). So, I decided on funfetti cake mix with funfetti frosting (i.e. vanilla frosting with pastel-colored sprinkles). You can look at the cake pops link for the recipe and instructions, but I wanted to add a few more pictures for clarity (and appeal to the taste buds!).

First, this is what the cake balls look like prior to being covered in chocolate: not too pretty, a bit rough around the edges, although I love that you can see the little multi-colored sprinkles characteristics of all funfetti cakes:

Here they are after having been dipped in chocolate and sprinkles! I think these looked visually more appealing than the red velvet ones...or maybe they just look more fun with the multiple colors:

At any rate, while I LOVED me some chocolate-y red velvet cake pops, the light, almost lemony white funfetti cake balls are my new favorite. I hope you give them a try!

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