Introducing...May the Fork Be with You (and Kate)!

Hello, and welcome to my cooking blog! My name is Kate, and since I don’t want to bore you with a ton of information about me, I will simply say that I am a newlywed wife, an English teacher, a huge Star Wars nerd (in case the title did not give that away), and—of course—a lover of food. I find it relaxing to make, enjoyable to eat, and above all, heartwarming when I get to share it with those I love.

Lately, I’ve become something of a food exhibitionist, taking up my friends’ facebook feeds with pictures of my newest culinary creations. As a result, I finally decided to dedicate a separate space to the inner workings of my kitchen and created this blog.

Please note that I am not focusing on any one type of food, and most of the recipes are not original to me (and I will, as a good English teacher, cite my sources where I am able). However, I hope that you will enjoy reading about my culinary adventures just as much as I enjoy writing about them. Thanks for reading, and may the fork be with you!

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